Let me be the voice of confidence sitting on your shoulder, helping you through bigger, better projects
Book your strategy consult today and you'll get...
  • 30-minutes of 1:1 dedicated to your needs
  • Coaching on email strategy and/or sequence mapping
  • 3 days of post-consult email support 
Book your live copy session today and you'll get...
  • 30-minutes of 1:1 dedicated to your needs
  • Live writing/editing that gets your copy client-confident
  • 3 days of post-consult email/GDoc comment support
Book your async critique today and you'll get...
  • Detailed comments on both strategy and copy on up to 5 emails
  • Walkthrough video of overall strategy – and comment clarification
  • 1 round of follow-up comments
Wait, wait, Nikki. You only offer 30-minute consults? I need way more time than that!
You 'know that time management principle? The one that says that you fill the time you have?
You might think you need an hour to tackle a problem, but I’ve seen – time and again* – that we accomplish the same amount of work in my half hour consults than we do in my hour long consults – sometimes even more!

 But hey, you can always book 2 half hours. We’ll spend that first half hour laying the groundwork. And you’ll see, the 2nd time we meet, we’ll come back to the work with fresh eyes.

*For real. Check out the testimonials. Nearly all of them say that we get tons done in very little time. That ticking clock does wonders for our productivity. 
Are you ready for a serious testimonial waterfall? 

Did you notice? I took her advice and added email follow up to all consults. 

Okay, here we gooooooooooooooooooooo

Enough happy feedback for you to trust that our time will be well spent?
Then scrollllllllll wayyyyy back up and book your consult. 
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